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Valentine's Day
Conscious Connecting

Connection, conscious relating, intimacy, and touch; enough junk food already .. finally an experience of substance (and long-lasting value), well beyond this 24 hour period


melt & enter the field

agreements to allow acknowledgement and acceptance beyond mind-knowing, and into full-bodied registering..

FAWNING: the 3minute game & its shadows

the double-edged sword of desire, pleasure, and herd-conditioning / people-pleasing . . just going to leave this here...

FIGHT: 'nuff said

#(play)FIGHT ME !

recognition, definition, frontiers, co-regulation

Among other things, curating a culture of CARE

FLIGHT: when doing a runner is in service

trainers, waterproof, hat, scarf, gloves, and whatever enables one to be outdoors in mobilisation-mode

FREEZE (and collapse)

a partnered breathing meditation that is the cherry-on-top of an intensive day learning, exploring, and revisiting the 4 common trauma responses in a DIRECT EMBODIED way

TIRED of superficial Valentine's Day events ?


Gatherings that celebrate the dopamine fix of meeting and hooking up, but with the same result in the end, that of disappointment, underwhelming expectations, and underachieving emotions ?


Have you had enough of scrambled nervous systems ? capitalising on the concept of Valentine's Day, but delivering a skin-level novelty event, that is easily forgotten or looks like so many others ?


Is there an actual Valentine's Day experience that will be an investment for the rest of the year (single or partnered), and indeed .. for the rest of one's life ?!




YOU are in the right place.


The AIM of this Valentine's event is to resource you, so that high quality connecting CAN happen, and happen from a place of coherence and confidence.We are approaching this delicious and enlightening education thru a trauma-informed lens, and creating a culture of care.

Culture of Care is a movement to redress the reality that in our contemporary culture,

".. we've been trained to be consumers, whether that's shopping or professional training; 

we can often show up 'hungry', but with no capacity to receive. To avoid this, make space in your schedule both prior and after create space for you to receive and digest the [content]."

"My deep desire is to live in a culture that prioritises care.."

* I (Peneleapaí) am resourcing from direct training with Catherine Hale, whose body of work .. emerges from embodying a trauma-informed way of being and relating; with oneself, in business, family, and the wider world.

for further reference, please see



• games and exercises for breaking the ice... or melting it gently

• meeting the 4 trauma responses: fight, flight, fawn, freeze 

• how to recognise each and how to process and integrate each trauma response 

• expanding your repertoire of self-care

• upgrading your grasp on co-regulation

(you may know how to regulate yourself when triggered, but how with another person? why it matters, and why it's BETTER than self-regulation on its own)

• experiencing a cherry-on-top technique of co-regulation;
a shared partner breathing meditation, as established by Rachel Rickards

For parents, singles, couples, thruples, all enquiring adults.

navigating thru trauma response and tidying and clutter-clearing via co-regulation is fun, inspiring, and sexy.

AND participation also imparts healthier (more satisfying .. and sustainable) ways to relate, interact, and meet others, whether romantically eligible, or simply as friends.


Conscious Valentine's Day event 2024 !

at St. Brigid's Temple holistic sanctum & learning hub

Co. Clare on Wed 14th February

You have the date,
the time is 11am to 3pm / 5 to 8pm (evening half is shorter)

TIMES may vary, dependent on number of participants *
* Maximum participants 15 / Minimum 5 participants.

Your facilitator on this experience is Peneleapaí

Celtic Kirtan (Eileen Bray) joins the voyage with healing sounds

However, reference is made here to other individuals whose influence is directly connected to our journey - they will NOT be present on the day - Rachel, Catherine, Christian, and John are included for your reference only, insofar as my events are informed by their works.

paradigm of coherence


St. Brigid's Temple

from the temple of Bríde emerges Peneleapaí ~
resonance from the fire goddess and patron of midwives, poets, and thieves, a child-like bluntness leads one to find lost pieces of riddles carnal and cosmic; to dispel the adipose of illusion. When we can dive deep exactly as we are, and return to stand beside and among our peers, a wholeness ensues, mirroring the cycle of nature in its magnificent mysterious muddling symphony.

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