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Cuddle Therapy

Welcome to the Snuggler's Rest cuddle therapy nest
at St. Brigid's Temple holistic healthcare & healing sanctum. Your voyage back to your true self is precious, we take the accompaniment of it very seriously. Perhaps the most 'gentle on the outside, yet powerful on the inside' modality, you are in the exact right time and right place for a period of healing that will transform
 your life like winter into spring . . .


Trained and Licensed Professionals

All of our licensed professionals have been carefully selected and rigorously trained, ensuring that you receive the best experience. When you choose to work with us, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Ethical, conscientious, sensitive, and mature.


Ergonomic Emotion

Strong relationships and connections are the foundation of wellbeing and success.

Authentic cuddle therapy can support you to connect with others & also with yourself; addressing doubt and second-guessing - eliminating both, and introducing skills and a second-nature that is part of your life for good. Interpersonal skills, beliefs, and attitudes can be learned, practised, and applied to all the various areas of life. 

The simplest and yet nuanced as influenced by modern factors and concerns: here together to harmonise your relationships across the board. Feel at peace, relieved, comfortable and fulfilled in your connections. Discover your true second-nature of warmth and integrity, without indulging in over-sentimentality or toxic positivity.


Deep Long-lasting changes, Scenic (and Unique) route

Who would have thought that we now go to someone for "hug therapy" ?
is this what the world has come to ?

And yet, authentic Cuddle Therapy is much more than the familiar fleeting organic hug between friends; yes, it includes all the oxytocin & seratonin results of same, and yet simultaneously amplified, being as it is a special time:
dedicated to exploring, enquiring, allowing, and thoroughly, profoundly immersing in an embrace with absolutely no other agenda or expectation.
From this simple premise, together with the training of our on-duty Snuggler, let the alchemy of interpersonal holistic healing and healthcare get activated, and in the gentlest way possible, relieve the touch-thirst, the invisible/mute/unheard syndrome so rife in contemporary communities, and even the skin-hunger (if opting for Belly2Belly). Let the consequences in our modern pace of life unfurl while stopping at the Snuggler's REST.

the snuggler's rest


Are you ready to check out what it's all about ?

Have you enjoyed Cuddle Therapy before (or not), and curious to experience a series of sessions from the Snuggler's Rest ?
clic the button below .. if you dare .. which will take you to a portal for payment. Put in the amount you wish to book for (45mins/90mins ~ 50/90 £ or €) *
Put the date & time of your requested appointment in the "comments" section, and you will receive a confirmation - or a request to adjust the date/time if there's a double-booking - in return.

* of course a series of sessions booked ahead will attract a discounted rate, and Belly2Belly sessions are a little more again - please email for any questions, otherwise we will discuss all at our 1st session, during the embarkation.

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