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Healing Massage

Relax and renew with a customised healing therapy experience

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St. Brigid's Temple

Holistic healing sanctuary | Metamorphic clinic


60/90 Minutes

Holistic Massage

Reach ultimate relaxation with
a calming, therapeutic,
invigorating Holistic Massage.


Each experience is tailored especially for you, using traditional methods and high-performance materials.


All ingredients used are organic and vegan (no cruelty involved).

Get in touch to learn more or to book an appointment.


60/90/120 Minutes

Integrative Massage

Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique Organic Integrative Holistic Massage.


Peneleapaí will help you find the serenity and balance you deserve by customising a suitable treatment for you.

Integrative includes every inch
of your body; it is not a Tantra or sensual treatment, but it is highly therapeutic, like a swaddling of the entire skin membrane in loving attentive healing.


Get in touch to book your appointment or series of Treatments today.


90 - 240+ min

Advanced Treatments

Clear some time from your busy schedule for multi-dimensional integrative therapy and/or self pampering with our premium Treatments. Explore a menu of exceptional experiences/ journeys, satisfy your intensive healing and self-care needs /desires.

Up-level your expression of life today —book a personal composite of alchemical modalities at St. Brigid's Temple today.
Please note: This series only available to regular clients.
We offer the premium series in 6-/12-month packages exclusively, as we have found ongoing progress reliable to accountable continuity.
Email for menu / to book / enquire

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