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Healing Massage

Relax and renew with a customised massage therapy experience

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St. Brigid's Temple

A holistic healing sanctuary and massage clinic


90 Minutes

Holistic Massage

Reach ultimate relaxation with our calming, therapeutic and invigorating Holistic Massage.


Each experience is tailored especially for you, using traditional methods and high-performance ingredients.


All ingredients used are organic and vegan (no cruelty involved).

Get in touch to learn more or to book an appointment.


60 Minutes

Holistic Massage

Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Organic Holistic Massage.


Peneleapaí will help you find the serenity and balance you deserve by customising a suitable treatment for you.


Get in touch to book your appointment or series of Treatments today.


90 - 240 min

Advanced Treatments

Clear some time from your busy schedule for self-pampering with our premium advanced Treatments. Explore a palette of exceptional experiences and take care of all your deep healing and self-care needs.

Up-level your expression of life today —book your own unique palette of healing modalities at St. Brigid's Temple today by sending an email. Please note: This series is only available to regular clients.

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A Healing Oasis in the heart of East Clare

Recalibration has never been so simple

If you're looking for a customised, holistic massage experience, St. Brigid's Temple massage clinic in Scariff, Clare is what you need to feel rejuvenated and relaxed..


Located in Brian Ború country, St. Brigid's Temple is a haven for reflection, connection, and inner discovery.


Since doors opened in 2018, exceptional Treatments have been delivered across continents, but we welcome you to the humble HQ in east Co Clare.


We invite you to enjoy a variety of healing experiences and to make each visit nurturing and rewarding. There is nothing wilder and more rewarding than a journey into the core of who one authentically IS. 


Together (or as independently as you desire), we'll co-create a plan for resilient wholesome joy in living (and all the related routes that entails)


Inquire now to book a reservation—your journey to restorative wholeness and loving coherence starts now.

Special Offers

Valid only during the stated time and may not be combined with other offers.


Pop up clinic
4 Handed Lomi 
(4 Hand Massage)

With Peneleapaí  and guest sports/Tantra masseur

St Brigid's Temple Holistic Sanctuary

Inquire RE upcoming dates

Special rate €200/hour



Refer a friend
Give 10% Off, Get 10% Off

1/1/2023 - 1/2/2023


10% off ALL treatments in clinic/online such as Holistic Healing, Bodywork, Coaching, Counselling and Massage.

Refer a friend or colleague and when they book, they receive 10% off, and you get 10% off your next booking too!

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Discounts for vegans!

1/1/2023 - 1/2/2023

Share your start date and finish date - send a pic of one of your vegan meals, and get 5% off your next Treatment (Basic AND Premium treatments)


IF YOU ALREADY ARE Vegan, communicate your Anniversary (when you chose to be vegan) date, and share 3 pics that convey something of your life, as a vegan, and you shall receive A Veganuary discount 10% OFF for any Treatment as well ! + captions please to your 3 pics.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

3 Days of Blessings

Yoni Massage For Her

A gesture of honouring all women diving into deep enquiry.
There are so many demands on our nurturing, balancing of emotions & needs; seemingly none leftover (time or resources or interest!) to truly self-care.

As a gift, an invitation for you to check out a unique & fun package for 2023


Book for yourself or a loved one*

*Vouchers cost €3/£3


Women's Holistic Massage

Book 3 appointments & save

Book three appointments for the coming year, and save. The sooner you book, the more you save!


Pricing is for three treatments (you choose the dates). This offer is valid for a range of different treatments.


Book for yourself or a loved one*

*Vouchers cost €3/£3

Special Offers
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Gift Vouchers Available

Give a loved one their choice of healing treatment

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