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Éist anois! Listen Now

There's a couple different playlists here, where you can hear what Peneleapaí sounds like;
videos are in their own gallery, accessed via drop-down menu under MUSIC.

Scroll down to hear. The playlists are separated into:

(1) originals (this is the main munch!) "Aloha, a chairde"

(2) Also a playlist for Pen's workshop pieces, as typical with groups,
which is mostly acapella (unaccompanied by instrumentation)

(3) featuring Pen
This is a playlist of pieces that Pen has sung on, to hear further possibilities

(eg., if you're looking for a friendly BV artist)

(4) an album In The Raw
the delectable dozen of Pen's first original songs, in the first incarnation;

DO NOT SEND €€ by the link - unfortunately the website mechanism is pernickety ...
please send any donations via PP☘(friends & fam)
13 is a guide pri¢e.

* BV - Backing Vox / Vocals