Aromatherapy Massage

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In the glow of life

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90 Minutes

Holistic Massage

Reach ultimate relaxation with our calming, therapeutic and invigorating Holistic Massage.


Each experience is tailored especially for you, using traditional methods and high-performance ingredients.


All ingredients used are organic and vegan (no cruelty involved).

Get in touch to learn more or to book an appointment.

Oil Massage

60 Minutes

Holistic Massage

Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Organic Holistic Massage.


Peneleapaí will help you find the serenity and balance you deserve by customising a suitable treatment for you.


Get in touch to book your appointment or series of Treatments today.

Spa Massage

90 - 240 min

Advanced Treatments

Clear some time from your busy schedule for self-pampering with our premium advanced Treatments. At GLOW we offer a palette of exceptional experiences to take care of all your deep healing and self-care needs.

Up-level your expression of life today —book your own unique palette of healing modalities at GLOW today by sending an email. Please note: This series is only available to regular clients.

Reiki Treatment

A Healing Oasis in the heart of East Clare

Recalibration Has Never Been So Simple

Located in Brian Ború country, the II&I Clinic of GLOW is a haven for reflection, connection, and inner discovery.


Since doors opened in 2018, exceptional Treatments have been delivered across continents, but we welcome you to the humble HQ in east Co Clare.


We invite you to enjoy a variety of healing experiences and to make each visit nurturing and rewarding. There is nothing wilder and more rewarding than a journey into the core of who one authentically IS. 


Together (or as independently as you desire), we'll co-create a plan for resilient wholesome joy in living (and all the related routes that entails)


Inquire now to book a reservation—your journey to restorative wholeness and loving coherence starts now.

Special Offers

Valid only during the stated time and may not be combined with other offers.

Spa Bed

Package Series

60 / 90 / 120mins


Book 4 Treatment sessions, get your 5th session GRATIS.
Enjoy 5 Treatments for the price of 4.
All sessions of the same type;
sessions MAY be transferred
(top tip:
surprise pampering/therapeutic gifts!)

5x 60min treatments for €240 (normally €300)
Book 5x 90min treatments €320 (normally €450) etc

Hot stone back massage

50% off Advanced Treatments

90 - 240mins

Reconnect profoundly with yourself by way an advanced treatment. Advanced sessions are premium treatments for existing clients. Please email to learn more and to book your appointment today.

90mins subtle sexual body / sensual MT 
€85 (normally €175)

120mins kinesthetic reset / erotic MT €150 (normally €300)
120mins transformational Tantric MT €150 (normally €300)

240mins moving cathartic rewiring €250 (normally €500)

Traditional Head Massage

FREE 60min Holistic Massage


For each treatment (of 90+mins.) with GLOW during May or June, you will be entered into a raffle draw to be in with a chance of winning one Gift Voucher to the value of a 60minute Holistic Massage Treatment.

(All donations into Peneleapaí 's Tuition crowdfunder will be automatically entered into the draw.)


Your Therapist

Intuition, empathy, connection

Peneleapaí will work with you, to co-create a program of healing and equilibrium tailored to your needs and benefit. Pen has been studying the healing arts for nearly 30 years, and is a lifelong pupil of Rudolf Steiner's school of spiritual science. She is a qualified Teacher of medical QiGong for 20years (Soaring Crane style), and is a creative instructor in arts-led therapy modalities, including Integrated Dance (mindful movement with able & disabled bodies), and many others.

Pre-dating her own family of four, Pen's life experience brought her to study sacred sexuality (transformational Tantra) and higher Relationship across the globe. She is an aggregate for conscious Death, dying, and bereavement. She accompanies families and young people equally, having trained in Waldorf Steiner Homeschooling and Early Years Childcare / Education.

Deep nature connection and the hero/pilgrim's journey informs P's modus operandi. For all men and women: meaningful, consistent expression of natural intimate sovereignty (highest form of love) is her motivation, inspiration, and modus vivendi.


Get ready for your appointment

Please ensure you have showered and washed your hair prior to your appointment. If not, you can shower at the Clinic for an extra fee.

More info

€25 will be added onto the Booking price for this service, and an extra 15 minutes will be added to the contact time (treatment time on the plinth).

About the Clinic shower

We use AquaDea water charged shower filters, so that in more than one way, the preparation / arrival/ shower becomes part of the healing protocol. A towel, organic soap and shampoo will be provided.

Premium Treatments

cutting edge | cutting the ties that bind

N.B. All work in human sexuality and trauma integration is in a professional capacity, the aim of which is to know coherence and clarity in oneself. There is no romantic connection in this regard, no matter the Treatment or modality; the goal is to remedy fragmentation, much of which originates in early childhood or intergenerational trauma bonding. This inpart is clear after the initial intake period of min. 3 months. Client and therapist may discern whether to continue working together after that time. Peneleapaí is a member of RESPECT Massage.


Last minute bookings

Bookings with 24 hours notice or less will include €20 extra on top of the Treatment rate. Thank you!



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