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Songs of Earth
and Spirit

Original singer songwriter for gatherings, festivals, retreats, workshops, funerals, weddings, house concerts & more



Every story of death and of love can transform us

Peneleapaí is an artist, therapist, and facilitator in Éirinn.
This website focuses on her activities as musician & singer songwriter,
as well as facilitator of creativity workshops.

Coherence, syntropy, and resonance . .
. . sovereignty, the solo journey, love,
and healing born
 of death
are all themes 
in Pen's works.

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Upcoming Events

For the latest dates and information about upcoming events, workshops and tour locations, keep an eye on Peneleapaí's Telegram channel
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The most immediate contact for Pen - Updates on music, movement, activism etc


Peneleapaí's listing on freedom oriented directory


Music videos, ramblings, vlogs, and more


Music, merch, and come-unity

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