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What is a house concert?

It's an intimate live music performance, usually in your home or another private venue. It's a unique, unforgettable experience, and an amazing way to share and connect with the people you invite.

One of the biggest advantages of a HouseConcert over traditional commercial public gigs is the direct artist-audience connection; audiences repeatedly say ~

They love the fact that all monies directly support the performer, no middlemen taking a cut; they also feel a buzz to get up close and personal with the artist, able to connect in unique and eclectic ways.

With hosts, the word "magical" crops up again and again; also ~

".. we love the ability to create a forum, if just a few hours, for people to share, unite, be amazed, and revel in what is good. The fact people show up knowing nothing about the performers, speaks volumes .. of their love of music and community."


How does it work?

Together with the artist, you will decide on a date and time for you to host. You invite your friends, family, tribe, neighbours, colleagues, visitors, out-of-towners ~ anyone who could do with some musical healing ~ to the event.

People often decide to organise a potluck as well, so that everyone can enjoy homemade food.

Peneleapaí will arrive early to help you set up the performance space in your house, and will perform her gorgeous original live music for 2 hours, unless there's a workshop* planned on before the show begins!

*Enquire about which workshops are offered when you make contact.

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How much does it cost?

You can pass around the hat (a donations receptacle) on the evening of the gig/ performance to collect contributions from the guests, with a suggested amount in the neighbourhood of e10-15 per person.

If you want your guests to enjoy the evening at no cost, you can pay a certain amount, agreed up front so that there is no need to ask for auxiliary donations from your people.


Why do people love house concerts?


"[a house concert] is the perfect catalyst for engaging with others who love music as much as I do. Welcoming so many music-loving strangers into my home is a unique experience that I now treasure for the rest of my life.”



"I would definitely go to a house concert again."

M says she enjoys them the most, and I can see why; they bring people together for one night, often complete strangers, which can sometimes facilitate more lasting friendships.


In addition, you get to hear live music, and support the independent arts. Helping one person achieve success inspires others to take chances. Additionally, you can directly support the artist, instead of a venue taking a cut. I wish more musicians would do house concert tours."

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