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Artistic & Holistic Songwriting Workshops

Whether as a participant or patron/host to a workshop, these are celebrations of being alive - whether that current state is in mourning, in jubilation, or stuck in limbo about something the universe has thrown at you.

Give us around 3-4 hours to conclude our process, and enjoy the camino of synthesis between your inner and outer worlds.

Reach out if you're interested in hosting (make it happen!) one of the holistic songwriting workshops with Peneleapaí
RESULT .. a seasonal distillation in soul, body, and spirit expression, through you.


Inspired by initiatives from my great friend Briain O Rourke (RIP 2022)
and mighty bard in rebel county (Passagewest), John Spillane.


To liberate as many psyches as possible; one song (/poem/dance/play/installation) at a time.

To capture / compose songs* from your place of truth and time. To explore the routes which produce a song* that the world needs.

may be translated into other forms of art & creation; for example movement/dance, theatre, written/spoken word, etc!


Like the medicinal mycelium network spanning the planet, the Diagnosis songwriting workshops invite all men and women into co-creating works/plays of authenticity, of truth, of freedom; above all out of the core kernel in one, which we call love. Plus we have bit o craic in so doing.

The über vision is to have the Diagnosis all-Ireland, where all past participants (which btw become official freely joined members - merch coming soon!) get to meet, merrily re-meet, and sing/create/co-create/perform together.

Our performing arts medicine Retreat/gatherering! Even more craic !!

That's the vision / craic for now anyway. Beir bua - good luck 🦋

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