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Inter-generational Tantra: healing for body, soul, and spirit


Find me amid the noise of the world

Beside appointments at our HQ in Co. Clare, Éiriu,
sessions are also available in:


Dublin: 28-30 March

Glastonbury, UK: 25 April - 2 May
Czech Republic: 13-20 May
Corfu, Greece: 16-22 June
Dublin: 24-5 June
Croatia: 21-27 July
Glastonbury, UK: 1-8.8

London, UK: 13-20 Aug

Do you fancy .. ?

Seasonal cycles of moveable feast, travelling temples & nomadic healing encounters
provide special moments outside of life, 
in diverse settings around the world. 

Then, please do:
Book in your preferred date and hour - go n'éirí an bóthar leat


Email for more information
or to reserve
 your free 15 minute discovery call.

 If you're ready to book an appointment, send in
your preferred date and time to get started.
Then lodge your deposit to 
reserve your session (half or full amount).

You can also fill out the contact form on to get in touch.

Services, Experiences & Events

Start Your Journey

N.B. weekend & same-day bookings include + £/€25 extra

How it Works

Start your healing journey and get in touch.
You may reserve a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to discuss your needs (and answer any questions) and / or

If you decide to go ahead and book a session, let us know which option you'd like, plus your preferred date/time.
Send your deposit to reserve your session
(and to receive exact location).

Email: or use this form.

I dont think I can teach you much more technique.
Apart from little bits of business advice,     

you are a master.

I had a full body energetic orgasm at your hands.

If there is another level, its Mahamudra, the cosmic orgasm..
But, forget that, I think it comes at death😁

VP, Leitrim [⭐ Mentor Review, June 2023]

How does the garden of your life grow?

What triggers you into fight, flight, fawn, and/or freeze mode?
What works to soothe and re-set your nervous system,
pointing the way to choosing 
healthier outcomes for yourself?

As your coach, Peneleapaí accompanies a deep dive into self-leadership and self-mastery, via somatic (body-based) processes. Altho the modalities are body-based, what might be viewed thru the "talk therapy" is enlivened, connected, and solidly effective.
Via transformational coaching, Peneleapaí can offer extraordinary irreversible results. P is proudly trained with Evolving Wisdom's director Dr. Claire Zammit, PhD. Dr. Zammit is founder of The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership.
Although women parents, artists, professionals,
change-makers, conscious-raising lionesses have transformed their lives working with Peneleapaí, there is no limit as to who might realise their potential and resolution here; 

results are equally valuable and accessible for any individual or group - couple/family - whom are serious and ready for CHANGE  🦁)

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