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.. from our Workshop explorations ..

Here's a wee snippet of pieces which P has shared and taught in various groups thru the years. Each song is picked depending on the group's desire, ability, and commitment, therefore no two workshops, classes, or retreat are the same.
This is a bloopers & all capture, representing
a sample playlist for Pen's workshop pieces, as typical with groups, which is mostly taught by ear and is experienced acapella (unaccompanied by instrumentation)

The singers were:
Latika - Lidia Montemurri
(alto, lower female voice)
Nick Godwin (tenor, higher male voice)
Aidan Agnew (bass, lower male voice)
Peneleapaí (top female voice, higher alto voice)

aka Comhcheol acapella group, East Clare

All live tracks (1, 3 - 10, 13) recorded by Gerry Mulvenna, S.A.M.s Yuletide Gig, Merriman Tavern, Scariff, Co. Clare 12. 2004
All studio tracks (2, 11, 12) recorded by Steve Ford, Dove Cottage studios, Mountshannon, Co. Clare 12. 2004

sound layers singing workshops
voice activation & sound healing 
collaborative vocal improv
DiaGnosis songwriting workshops
& retreat immersions


All the above (and more) adventures / remedies in the sonic, heart, psy realm

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